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Mobility Quotient (MQ) is a digital agency with its headquarters near the beautiful Canadian Rockies in the bustling city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 2010 with the mission of “Efficiency Realized”, our philosophy is scrupulously applied to all aspects of our project lifecycles.

We are a focused team of skilled professionals with extensive backgrounds in software development, systems architecture, design, and marketing; with direct experience in the telecommunications, media, travel, automotive and liquor industries.



We work diligently with our clients to enhance their revenue opportunities, accelerate project implementation and craft elegant solutions to complex problems.


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It's What We Do

We utilize our core pillars of digital acumen: Creative Services, Development & Integration, and Strategic Consulting, to help our customers “fill in the [technical] gaps”, advance their business, and fast-track their most-challenging digital projects to completion. We specialize in tackling MASSIVE projects including: large-scale website and application development, digital marketing and brand strategy fulfillment, and digital transformations. Don’t be intimidated by our track record though, we’ll embrace your needs no matter the size of your business.



In short, we make websites and apps…and logos…and brand packages and…and…and it’s a very extensive list! The individual services we offer are so varied, we would probably bore you to tears if we listed them all! If you’re a stickler for details, click here to view our complete list of available services.


Why Choose MQ?

As your Digital Partner, MQ helps reduce the complicated aspects of software and technology integration. We handle the heavy lifting and align your team skills with modern tools and processes. This gives your organization the opportunity to stay current as well as the ability to continue focusing on the areas of your business that matter most to you and your customers. In other words, we make life easier by making it less overwhelming.




If you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of acronyms, we’re great people to have on your side.

Contact MQ and we can talk business strategy and how it relates to your website. We can dive into your CMS, UX, UI, SEO, and GA tracking; and then we can help you get you those perfect C2As, for a better ROI, and achieve that YoY growth your business is striving for. So go ahead DM us right now.

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Our Clients Trust Us

We know this because they tell us so (and they show it). They invite us to be their go-between for managing their technical partnerships with third-party vendors. They integrate us into their business-to-business engagements extending their offerings through our skills. They involve us in strategic planning because it ensures long-term objectives are founded on realistic budgets and deadlines.

Our clients trust us because we help them deliver on commitments and we elevate what they can in turn offer their customers and relationships.



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It Can Always Be Done

The phrase, “It can’t be done” prevents progress. When it comes to your business, our goal is to ensure you always have someone in your corner who will get the job done.


  • 2017

    New Office Downtown Calgary

    Following Calgary's economic downturn and a sharp increase in projects, MQ moves offices into the A-Class Sunlife Building

  • 2016

    Signs Media Giant, Winsight

    After numerous successes with MQ-Winsight projects, MQ signs long-term contract to continue providing strategic, technical and UX services

  • 2015

    JustBeer Launch

    Following the success of JustWine, MQ launches JustBeer in a partnership contract with Alberta Beer Festivals. JustBeer to be the official app of ABF for the next three years

  • 2014 Release media publisher acquired from AOL by private equity firm, Hale Global. MQ, as the chosen vendor migrates, updates and releases the new

  • 2013

    JustWine Launch

    JustWine bridges a passion for wine and tech; the new industry-focused represents a test-bed and showcase of MQ skills

  • 2011


    MQ announces new logo and branding. Emerging with a new and edgy tech-forward image

  • 2010

    MQ is Founded

    Built on a foundation of software development skills, MQ is born and serves its first client, Hale Global


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